Normalized Empirical Individual Forecasting Index

NEIFI (Normalized Empirical Individual Forecasting Index) is a system for objective baseball player (e)valuation. Our aim is to provide a logically consistent and empirically validated view of the baseball landscape from the major leagues all the way down to the NCAA. We offer a range of player performance and true talent assessments, projections, and interactive tools, including the following:

⇢ Comprehensive assessments of offense (hitting + baserunning), pitching and fielding performance for MLB and MiLB, with adjustments for all relevant contextual factors.

⇢ Single-season and long-term WAR projections, along with expected contracts and NPV surplus values, for every player in affiliated baseball.

⇢ Complete prospect rankings produced by the award-winning Automated Prospect Model.

⇢ Team projections and organizational depth charts.

⇢ Hitting and pitching translations and projections for the professional leagues of Japan, Korea, and Cuba, as well as NCAA Division I.

We believe that quality objective baseball analysis comes not from data mining and advanced mathematics, but from carefully codifying, refining, and systematizing the thought processes involved in player evaluation.



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